KiwiXCrossing sells Modern and Kiwiana Cross stitch (and quilt) designs, that have been test stitched to make sure they are achievable and perfect for use in real life. I am a New Zealander of Ngai Tahu decent, currently living in SE Asia. I am inspired by my home country and the wonderful things I see on my travels.  I am KiwiXCrossing on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook.
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We sell a wide variety of cross stitch and blackw​ork patterns and some patterns contain specialty stitches for added interest.

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Peace Snitches Co is a cross stitch pattern Etsy shop featuring feminism, pride, cats, and medieval marginalia.

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My goal with this store is to provide a lot of mini cross stitch elements in different themes that anyone can enjoy stitching. All the designs I create are full stitch only, so they are fun and quick projects. It feels great to complete a cross-stitch design, so when you have a pack of 43 skeletons for example, it can be really fun and fulfilling to complete each skeleton in less than an hour.

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