1.  Herta is?

        A 6 count evenweave fabric.
       The squares are 3 times larger than with 18 count.

​2.  Stitching with 2 or more different colors of floss threaded in your needle is called what? (There is more than one correct answer.  Choose all that apply)

            Tweeding and Blending are the same thing.  To get full credit both answers must be selected.

3.  There are 483 different solid colors of DMC floss.

        There are 489

4.  The world's largest, published, cross stitch pattern is of what?

        The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

5.  A design stitched on 14 count is smaller than a design stitch over 2 on 32 count.

            Over 2 on 32 count is the same as stitching on 16 count which is smaller than 14 count.

6.  What do you need to do to be able to cross stitch on a sweatshirt?

        Use waste canvas
        A sweatshirt is not an evenweave fabric, so you need waste canvas to create the grid to stitch on.

7.  Count is?

        The number of squares/threads per inch of a piece of fabric.

8.  Why would you use a pin stitch?

        To anchor your floss.

9.  Embellished cross stitch is?

        A design painted on fabric with cross stitch and backstitch accents.
        Embellished cross stitch means the picture is painted/printed in color on the fabric and you are just embellishing it. In other words, you are decorating an            existing picture.

10. What do you call the tool you use to keep your stitches flat or coax them into place?

        A laying tool.

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