Most questions have one word answers. It will be indicated if more than one word
is required. All questions must be answered to be able to submit the quiz, so if you
are not able to come up with an answer please use an X.

1.Standard embroidery floss is made up of how many strands?
2. What count is Herta?
3. White in French?
4. Usually used when stitching a full coverage piece, the technique of
stitching with multiple threaded needles at the same time is called?
5. The number of squares/threads per inch of a piece of fabric is called what?
6. What is the term for when a color of floss is carried from one stitching
area over a large distance to the next without being finished off in
between these areas? (2 words)
Cross Country
7. Single stitches of a bunch of different colors are called?
Confetti Stitches
8. What is full coverage cross stitch called?
9. UFO means? (2 words)
UnFinished Object
10. When you frog you __________?
11. What is the one thing you need to do when you frame a cross stitch piece
that you don't do when you frame a photo?
◯ Steam it
⚫ Stretch it
◯ Mat it
◯ Finish the edges
12. What do you need to be able to cross stitch on a sweatshirt? (2 words)
Waste Canvas
13. What are slubs?
◯ Long, Cylindrical Beads
⚫ Irregularities in Linen
◯ Needles
◯ Marking Pins
14. Devil Red is the color description of DMC 666.
⚫ False
◯ True
15. What is Aida?
Cross Stitch Fabric
16. What is a pin stitch?
◯ A stitch to mark the placement of a button or other embellishment
◯ A decorative stitch
⚫ A way of anchoring the beginning/ending of floss
◯ A long legged cross stitch
17. What is Rhapso?
◯ Cross Stitch Fabric
◯ Large, Flat Back Bead - Cabochon
⚫ Goddess of Stitching
◯ Brand of Shiny Floss
18. What is the main characteristic of a tapestry needle?
19. If a design is 6 X 8 inches on 14 count what size will it be on 28 count over
2? (# X #)
6 X 8
20. Which is larger, a design stitched on 16 count or the same design stitched on
14 count?
21. What is an ort? (2 or 3 words)
Floss Scrap
22. What are organic fibers regarding a cross stitch project?
◯ Linen Floss
◯ Metallic Floss or Braid
◯ Wisper Floss
⚫ Pet Hair
23. What do you call the tool you use to keep your stitches flat or coax them into
place? (2 words)
Laying Tool
24. What is Jobelan?
Evenweave Fabric
25. Hardanger embroidery uses which of the following techniques? (choose
all that apply)
☑ Drawn Work
☑ Needle Weaving
☑ Cutwork
☑ Satin Stitch
☑ Buttonhole Stitch
26. Where did the modern version of Hardanger embroidery originate?
27. If a design is 192 stitches X 224 stitches what size is the finished
piece when worked on 16 count fabric? (# X #)
12 X 14
28. What color is DMC 310?
29. Ariosa is an evenweave fabric with irregular threads often used for
⚫ True
◯ False
30. Stitching with 2 or more different colors of floss threaded in your needle is
called what?
31. How many inches of fabric is recommended to be added to each side of a
design for framing?
32. Embellished cross stitch is which of the following?
◯ Design with beads
◯ Every square is filled with cross stitch
◯ There is a ton of backstitching
⚫ Design is painted on fabric with cross stitch accents
33. What are Q-snaps? (2 words)
Stitching Frame
34. Which is not a recommended way to secure the fabric's edges to keep
them from unraveling?
◯ Zig Zag Stitch
⚫ Masking Tape
◯ Fray Check
◯ Whip Stitch
35. What do you call a single color Holbein stitch and/or backstitch design?
36. Running the needle between two strands of floss to make the stitches
lie flatter is called what?
37. A size 24 needle is smaller than a size 28 needle.
◯ True
⚫ False
38. Marking your fabric every 10 squares with a basting thread is known as?
39. What is the general term for all cross stitch fabric?
40. What is TOAD an acronym for? (5 words)
Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust

We apologize for the smooshed togetherness of the  questions and answers.   For some reason, the document won't retain it's formatting when it is published.  Will continue to work on it to make it better.


Because of language differences, etc. credit was given for answers that were similar, but not exact.  For example:  When you frog you rip, but ripping, ripit, remove stitches, unpick, etc. were all acceptable answers.