Autumn Sentinel
Original Artwork © Kim Norlien
Stitch Count: 420w X 259h
Donated by:  Shinysun's Cross Stitching

Prizes for August 2019 Cross Stitch Contest

 ​​​Modern  Dictionary:  Stitcher

Stitch Count:  139w X 33h

Donated by:  Stitchnmomma 

Willow Pond

Original Artwork c/o Hadley House &

    © Charles White
Stitch Count: 450w X 374h 

Donated by:  Shinysun's Cross Stitching

Cottage By the Sea
Original Artwork © Chuck Pinson, Artist 

    All Rights Reserved
Stitch Count: 550w X 412h
Donated by:  Shinysun's Cross Stitching

​​Blackwork Whimsy

Stitch Count:  84w X 84h

Donated by:  Connie Gee's Designs

Big Dustball
Stitch Count:  89w X 84h
Donated by:  No Frogs Allowed

Below are the available prizes for the 2019 World Cross Stitch Day  Cross Stitch Quiz.   The person that scores the highest on the quiz will be given first choice of these patterns.   The second highest scorer will receive their choice of the remaining patterns, etc.   There will  be  a minimum of 3​ winners.


A  special thank you to  the following for donating  prizes:

Kelly - Stitchnmomma

Dawn - ​Shinysun's Cross Stitching

​Connie - Connie Gee's Designs

Phyll - ​No Frogs Allowed