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Welcome to the website for World Cross Stitch Day.

WCSD is an annual event created to bring awareness and fun back to the art of cross stitch.


Join us next year in celebrating the 7th Annual

World Cross Stitch Day - August 14, 2020!

For those of you who are unable to stitch on Friday,  August 9, 2019 in your time zone or for those of you who would like to celebrate WCSD for more than 24 hours, here is a chart so that you can start stitching with the Kiribatians  and finish up with the American Samoans.   Whenever you stitch you can know that you will be celebrating with someone somewhere in the world.     HAPPY WORLD CROSS STITCH DAY!

World Cross Stitch Day 2020 will be held Friday, August 14.  This is a great time to stitch the day away.