If you have taken the cross stitch quiz, please take a couple more minutes to take the quiz surveyand let us know  your opinion of the quiz.



Enter the 2019 World Cross Stitch Day contest for your chance to win a cross stitch pattern.  There will be a minimum of 3 winners.  First place will receive the pattern of  their choice  from the prize page and the 2nd place person will get to choose from the remaining patterns, etc.   Take the cross stitch quiz linked below and the person with the highest score will be the winner.   In the case of a tie the winners will be determined by a random  draw.

  1. ​​Take the cross ​​​​stitch quiz by clicking on the big, yellow CLICK HERE link below.
  2. Use your email address (if you are a winner your prize will most likely be emailed) first name and state or country to identify your submission.
  3. ​Quiz can only be taken once by each entrant.
  4. Every question must have an answer or the quiz won't submit.  If no answer comes to mind use an X for the answer. 
  5. Use one word answers wherever possible (if the answer is dog, don't answer a dog or the dog).
  6. ​Answers that require more than one word are so indicated in ( ) at end of question.
  7.  Entry passcode (case sensitive) is:  The contest is no longer open.
  8. ​The quiz will be available  from Wednesday, August 7, 2019 through Sunday, August 11, 2019.
  9. The correct answers will be posted after all of the quizzes have been processed.
  10. ​The winners will be announced here and on the WCSD Face Book page as soon as all of the prizes are determined.